It's The Little Things

Saturday, 20 February 2010

T he first sip of coffee in the morning (with sugar and lots of skim milk)
H is smile on Skype
E ggs and pancakes for the rare brunch on Sunday

L ive shots that go really well
I ce cold mug with an Oregon microbrew
T alking late into the night and laughing with friends
T he way I feel while driving with the windows down in the summer
L ove and the feeling it will last
E xtra time on the phone with family

T he chance to buy a cheap airline ticket
H arvesting tomatoes or herbs I grow myself
I nventive meals that are tasty and easy to make
N ice, clean, crisp sheets
G ood books and magazines
S nuggling with Violet on weekend mornings

What are the "little things" that make you happy?


Amber said...

Wow! 6 comments on pet peeves, but nothing that makes people happy?

Okay, here are a few of mine:

- Daily love notes and texts from my hubby
- A clean car
- The smell of sunblock. (Sometimes I'll dab a little on to make it feel like summer!)
- The morning newspaper
- Receiving personal cards/letters in the mail
- My cat's purr
- Having dinner with friends
- Peace after prayer
- Planning and dreaming about an upcoming trip
- Getting dressed in the morning; I love pampering myself with pretty hairbrushes and nice-smelling lotions, and I get to do that every day!
- Feeling refreshed after exercise
- I could go on and on and on... :)

Denae said...

Amber - I'm so glad you posted the things that make you happy! No one else did. :(

Anonymous said...

OK, I'll play!
- Morning when my husband brings our baby into bed with us and we all cuddle before getting up for breakfast.
-The first few hours after snow falls
- Skype!!!
- Time by myself for shopping
-An excellent meal with good friends and great wine
-Silly impromptu family dance parties
-Traveling and taking photographs
-Cooking for the people I love
-At a party with a great music, throwing my hands in the air in a manner suggesting I just don't care
-Evenings reading in bed with my husband, and staying up way too late talking about what we're reading

<3 Mel

Denae said...

So GLAD you played, Mel. I love the thought of you reading in bed with S and staying up late talking about it. Can't wait to do that with Kings. xxx