KLCC Brewfest

Sunday, 14 February 2010
Oregon loves it's microbrews!  A local listener-supported radio station in Eugene hosted Brewfest 2010 last night and I met up with a group of friends for beer tasting.  It was $12 just for entry but to me it was well worth it.  KLCC hosts NPR programs on 89.7 and I listen everyday.  You'll notice brewing terms below in italics.  They were provided to us on a pamphlet by brewfest volunteers and are not my words.

The Ty Curtis Band entertained the crowd of thousands with jazzy music with a little blue grass thrown in. Here's a clip of them playing at the Redwood Run from YouTube.

51 breweries participated in the event by offering brews to taste.  We bought "taste tickets" for $1 each and I sampled 5 different brews.  (The samples were small.)

Of those, my favorite was the Firthur Pale Ale from Wakonda, Florence, Oregon.  The flavor is amazing because the brewers finish it with Douglas Fir pine needles.  This brew got my "People's Choice" vote!

Ale - Brewed from the same basic ingredients as lager (barley, malt, hopes, yeast and water) but more hops are used and fermentation is done with a top-fermenting yeast which produces a more full-bodied and higher alcoholic beverage.

My second favorite beer was Maui Brewing's (Maui, HI) CoCoNut Porter.  As you may know, porters are very dark beers but they are not syrup-y like a stout.  The aftertaste of this beer was amazing and somewhat tropical.

Porter - A variety of ale in which roasted barley is used to achieve a dark color.  Porter is generally lighter in color and of a lower alcoholic content than stout, while also less bitter.

Stout - Beer brewed from roasted, full-flavored malts, often with an addition of caramel sugar, and a slightly higher proportion of hops.  Stouts have a richer, slightly burnt flavor and are very dark in color.

I also really like Oregon Trail's "Wit."  Oregon Trail brews in Corvallis, Oregon.  This wheat beer was orange in color, brewed with orange peel and coriander, unfiltered.  Tasty.

Wheat - Beer brewed with 30% wheat malt and 70% barley.  Usually served with a squeeze of lemon or orange.

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Pretty Little World said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend! It's always nice when you get to stumble upon things that you might not normally have tried otherwise!