Observations On Tiger's Statement

Friday, 19 February 2010
If you didn't get a chance to see Tiger Woods read a statement this afternoon apologizing for having numerous mistresses and affairs, here's a look (sorry you have to sit through a 30 sec ad courtesy CBS):

I watched Woods' statement via on-line live streaming.  Here's my thoughts and opinions.  Feel free to share yours or disagree with mine!

1. He was good on camera and convincing.
2. The teary-eye look at the beginning was fake.
3. He held the public apology only to to get the good vibes going so he can get back on the course and help the sponsors feel better about throwing their money at him. 
4. The whole thing was horribly awkward because honestly, why does he need to apologize to the public?  His apology didn't earn any respect back for him in my mind.  I was cringing inside while watching and almost had to turn it off.
5. I almost laughed out loud when he asked the Papo to respect his wife (cause he really showed a lot of respect to her himself, eh?).
6. Tiger has a future as a politician.
7. It was really gross that the networks dropped programing to air a professional athlete's talk on his personal sex life.  If I want an update on this circus I'll watch Inside Edition with Deborah Norvell.
8. I appreciated that Tiger said he needs to exercise "restraint" and didn't just blame his affairs on his stardom or riches.


JJ said...

CBS news spent at least the first 10 full minutes of the news on this last night. Your comment about 'Inside Edition' was right on.

I'm no Tiger Woods fan, nor do I condone anyone cheating on their spouse. The fact is men cheating on their wives is nothing new. According to what I read, Tiger is in a 12 step plan and one of those steps requires that he make amends/apologize to everyone he hurt. In his case that would include his fans. He also accepted 100% of the blame, another important step.

I guess it's all a matter of if you believe him or not. I chose to believe that he screwed up, apologized, and now would like to move on. What more should he do? The rest needs to be worked out between him and his wife.

Chris F. said...

Everyday, 25,000 people starve to death, half the world's population (about 3 billion people) is in poverty, 15,000 cats and dogs are euthanized to name a few things.
Yet most people are more interested in how many women Tiger Woods had affairs with, how many cars a celebrity has or how many people can make idiots of themselves on TV.
I just might be building an Ark before too long.

htimfass said...

If you look at the other sport stars Tiger was and has been running with you will understand why he thinks it is OK to Cheat on his wife and family. Being a male myself I will not accept what he said or did. He broke a moral contract and lost all trust with his wife, family and public. How can you associate with a person who can not be trusted, let alone try to endorse your product. Trust is earned only over time and action and when broken will never be fully fixed.

LizP said...

It is really disturbing that the networks think that this was news. It is not and it won't ever be.

Denae said...

All excellent observations and interesting what we noticed as bystanders. I think most of us would agree the coverage by networks was silly.

htimfass - someone else told me those who know Tiger "behind the scenes" are not surprised in the least bit. They are more shocked that he was caught.