Pet Peeves

Sunday, 21 February 2010
From Wikipedia:  pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.

P utting used tea bags in the sink instead of the trash
E very conversation seems to be about you
T hrowing money away on a pure bred rather than rescuing or adopting an animal

P arking outside the lines
E mails that are “junk” forwards
E arly risers who think I need to get up too
V eiled sexism and discrimination
E gos that get in the way of friendships
S low service at restaurants

Note:  I was surprised that it took me longer to come up with pet peeves than "the little things" that make me happy.  What "peeves" you?


Chris F. said...

Some of my pet peeves would be arrogance


rambling on about your problems, but yet won't give me even 30 seconds to have my say

junk email messages

thinking we are entitled to the good life

not thinking for yourself

wanting the government to take care of you at someone else's expense or loss

Chris F. said...

Other pet peeves:

irresponsible pet owners

people who are more concerned about the celebrities than the poor or sick

generally, rude, inconsiderate people

rejenerate said...

Ooooh I could have written your list!! All sooo true :)

Anonymous said...

I actually like slow service at restaurants because it gives me more time to chat with friends and enjoy my wine, so my pet peeve is the opposite: servers that try to rush you in order to turn the table as quickly as possible. Like when they bring the check before you've even finished eating dinner and then keep coming back to "see if you're ready." Grrrrr!

<3 Mel

Anonymous said...

Early risers as a pet peeve? Hmmmm....


Denae said...

CC - Haaa notice the "who think I need to get up too." This is directed at my darling Kings. Mel - Agreed. But I at least want to wait around will a full wine glass... Chris F. - rude people, ugh! Rejenerate - welcome to my blog!