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Monday, 1 February 2010
The bad thing about going to Mexico:  it takes 2 days to get back to the upper Western corner of the U.S.  The good thing about going to Mexico:  you can read an armful of books while waiting on the plane and in airports for two days.

I bought and finished the memoir Dewey, The Small-town Library Cat Who Changed the World and now I'm half way through My Life in France by Julia Child (which is excellent).

If you are an animal lover, the story about Dewey the cat will make you laugh, cry and will inspire you.  The book is not only about a loving cat (first dumped in the library's book return as a kitten) and his impact on the elderly, children, disabled and homeless library patrons but about the struggles of a small Midwestern town.
The book is set in Iowa and narrated by the library director who struggled through bouts of Cancer, the death of her mother and her long divorce from her alcoholic husband. 

This quick read truly made me love animals even more and I cannot wait to have my own rescue zoo full of birds, fish, cats, dogs and perhaps chickens.  (Great time to roll your eyes here.)   It was also fantastic to see how Dewey tended to children who were paralyzed and loved on them by jumping up on to their wheelchair trays to just sit and purr.  Service dogs are also very good at making disabled children feel comfortable and I think using our companion animals to bring happiness to others is a nobel endeavor.

The other fabulous book I purchased (you know I'd rather buy books from thrift stores) is Julia Child's memoir from her time in France.  When I write my book I want to model my prose after hers.  Her words are easy to follow but wonderfully descriptive and makes the reader feel as if we're sitting there with her.


Anonymous said...

I want to read the Julia Child book too! Let me know how it is.
<3 Mel

Amber C said...

I read the Dewey book last summer and really enjoyed it! It's a bit corny and over-the-top in some places, but overall a very sweet story. Glad you liked it, too.

I'm currently reading Bill Bryson's Australia book based on your recommendation. Oh. My. Gosh. This guy is hilarious! I have to check out all of his others now; especially can't wait to read his AT story!

Denae said...

Mel - You def want to read this! It will be refreshing for you because she was discovering a new country and language and it wasn't always roses for her but she triumphed! Amber - agreed on the Dewey story. Glad you like Bill Bryson! Let me know which one you go for next. We'll have to read them together. He is HI.LAR.IOUS.

Amber said...

Sure. I enjoy your book reviews; you do a great job of presenting the hook. We have very similar tastes in reading, so keep them coming!