Thursday, 11 February 2010

Seth and I judged a BBQ contest for our news station last weekend in Florence.  I stayed there overnight and plugged in my phone to charge while I was sleeping.  The next day, I got up, packed my things and went on with my weekend.

Last night my phone was completely dead so I rumaged around for my charger.  It was no where to be found.  Drat!  I wrote myself a note, "Call hotel - charger" and went to bed.  As I was falling asleep I thought "maybe it's in my car..."

This morning I dug out my old phone charger thinking I could stop by Sprint and trade it in (doubtful!).  I couldn't call the hotel after all because (dur) my phone was out of battery.  Feeling a bit angry with myself for being careless, I went about my morning. 

Later, as I was plugging in my hair dryer, I noticed my phone charger plugged into the outlet.  Not only had I brought my charger back from my night away, I had apparently already charged my phone at least once this week!

Am I the only one losing my mind around here?

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Chris F. said...

Sounds like a crazy albeit familiar day to me. Have a good weekend.