They Have Iguanas instead of Squirrels

Friday, 5 February 2010

In Mexico, we loved watching for iguanas.  They were everywhere.  If you weren't careful, you could step on one since they blend into the greenery and rocks.  These silly-looking LARGE lizards liked to sun themselves (they are cold-blooded and do so to stay warm) while watching us through beady little eyes.  

Kingsley crept up to one to get a picture and it whipped it's head around making him jump and run for cover.  Hilarious!

These little guys are native to Mexico and can grow to be over four feet long.  The Wild Ones says iguanas have long, almost sharp tails.  If an iguana feels threatened, it might snap its tail in the air as a defense mechanism.   

The first day in Cancun, we were walking out of the pool area and I asked one of the staff members if they ever see iguanas on the grounds.  He grinned at me and motioned to the ground.  This one was sitting there with a sober look on it's face.  They can be a bit intimidating but they are so interesting to watch.

Costa Rica has introduced a conservation project to teach people how to raise lizards for food on "farms"  rather than hunting a dwindling population in the wild.  They are a source of meat for many in South America and the Mayan in Mexico.

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Ted Stryk said...

This is the one that tried to chase our van after it gave up.