Violet's Nightly Walk

Sunday, 28 February 2010
I've been leash training Violet... or she's training me, really. Either way, Violet has been going outside lately to stand on the porch. I decided to train her instead of having her dart out of the door one day when I leave the apartment. The video is boring and probably annoying to people without pets but here you go:


Tina Lane said...

Haven't you become the proud mommy? Too cute.

My two kitties are terrified of the outdoors. You couldn't bribe them to go outside.

Anonymous said...

That's it. I am buying you a dog.


Denae said...

Tina Lane - I can't believe Violet will go out on a lead. CC - YAY! I'll send you my address. ;)

Ted Stryk said...

WOW! I have had two cats that I have tried to put on a leash, and both would just flop over and refuse to get up.