Welcome to the Weekend

Saturday, 27 February 2010
We hope you are very happy here.  People are smiling and laughing and just having a grand 'ole time.  You've waited all week for this so please, enjoy!

Any fabulous plans on tap?  Speaking of tap... this is the weekend I think I'll head to the Oregon microbrew Ninkasi tasting room in the Whiteaker neighborhood.  Apparently Ninkasi has a new batch of Spring Reign to try!

I walked Violet tonight and took a stellar video of the event to share but alas, I have to figure out how to upload it from my brand new camera.  It should only take me a few minutes but I think I'll put it off till tomorrow.  I'm at a great spot in my book, A Woman named Jackie by C. David Heymann.

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Ted Stryk said...

Walked violet? How do you walk a cat?