Beware of the Hot Mic

Sunday, 7 March 2010
One of our viewers posted a comment on my ND's work blog saying that my blog makes me seem Holier Than Thou.  Well, to take myself down a notch or two, I thought I'd post a recent Most Embarrassing Moment.

Warning:  this post contains material that may seem crude to some.

I got married during May which is a sweeps month in television news.  Translation:  I took time off during a ratings period in news where anchors need to be on their shows 'cause we're judged on how many people watch.  Why did I get married during May?  We wanted to beat hurricane season and our London and South African guests could get cheaper tickets/lodging on the island.  So, I had only 3 days off from work to fly across the county, say my vows, kiss my husband and get back to work.  Therefore, I had to work a full day before RUSHING to the airport with my wedding dress in tow to catch my flight East.

I was STRESSED to the max.  There are times in which stress can affect the digestive system.

I ate breakfast on this particular Thursday and went 1,000 miles an hour with my wonderful photog (who shall remain nameless) to crank out 2 special reports.  We had 6 hours to shoot the pieces, log them, write them, voice them and get the heck outta dodge.  My heart rate was sky high because during the interviews, standups and small talk, I was thinking of the 2 million other things I needed to do to host a perfect wedding weekend for 50 people.

This tedious background is leading up to a very embarrassing personal moment.

Photog and I were at our final destination of the day and we were shooting takes of our second standup.  (A standup is a taped report where the talent appears on camera to say something that acts as a bridge within the story.)  We were outside in the parking lot and the 10 second report was basically me saying something to the camera and then getting inside our car and shutting the door.  I was wearing a small microphone and we were on our third take.

My stomach was feeling queasy.  I said my line perfectly, opened the car door, said the last two words and shut the car door.  About that time, I released air.  It was not subtle but hey, I was inside an empty car, alone. I didn't think much of it and felt better.  Photog and I rushed into the building for our fourth interview of the day.

Fast forward to two hours later...we're back at the station and I'm logging tape at my desk.  We have technological capabilities to access the drives at our desk computers and watch the material we'd recorded during the day.  I was watching my standups and when we got to take 3, I view myself cheerfully deliver the line to the camera, smile, open the car door, say two more words, get in, shut the door and make a very un-lady like noise.  OMG.  Photog heard the whole thing from outside the car through the microphone I was wearing.

My face turned pink, red, purple and the white.  I got up from my desk, went to the edit bay and pulled up our work on the drive.  I deleted the clip immediately but was too embarrassed to apologize to Photog.  I thought I was in the privacy of a closed car, but no.  My moment was shared by a co-worker in a professional environment.  Extremely embarrassing.

Beware of hot microphones.

Here are some other moments in which the wearer did not heed the hot mic:


Chris F. said...

Interesting post! TV personalities are only so human.

Anonymous said...

trumpets i love it we are all human lol good 1 pook x

Denae said...

Not one of my finer moments for sure.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why but I thought that was very funny, should have kept it and had it on an out takes show.

Denae said...

Anon - glad someone thought this was funny! Lol. I've been wondering if I went too far into TMI (too much information) here...