Hardest Things to Clean

Thursday, 25 March 2010
Since I'm moving out, I have a lot of cleaning to do.  When you rent, the landlord expects you to make the place look nicer than when you moved in so - what can you do?  I want to save the extra money I'd have to pay a cleaning service so I'm cleaning the place myself.  To add a little pizzaz to the mundane task, I've created a Top 5 Hardest Things to Clean List. 

Here we go:

5.  Trash cans - they smell gross and have unidentified goopy things in the very bottom.  Why am I cleaning my trash can anyway you might ask...  I have one of those super-duper stainless steel numbers that have a hydrolic opening (it was a gift).  I gag while cleaning it.  Bleh!

4.  Microwave - what IS that crusty stuff that cakes on the ceilling?  I only use it to heat my coffee and pop microwave popcorn. 

3.  Refridgerator - time consuming and annoying.  You have to clean out the drawers, the trays and the freezer.  Not fun but I did feel like Super Woman when the job was done.

2.  Violet's litter box -  I have yet to do this and I might just throw the dumb thing away (the box, not the cat) and replace it when I get to TN.  If I gag while cleaning out the trash can... imagine the drama while scraping out dried cat urine.  Double bleh!

1.  Shower - I hate cleaning the shower.  It is just awkward trying to lean over and get the far wall.  I'm not one who can jump in the shower naked and get busy with a sponge and bleach.  True, this is not hard work but I dread doing it.

Your top 5??


Unknown said...

5. Refridgerator - Seems to take forever

4. Microwave - Its almost easier to buy a new one.

3. Bathtub - Does it ever get clean?

2. Windows - 1 word. Streaks!

1. Oven - Again easier to buy a new one!

Desiree Mills said...

My top 5

1.The Oven – it just never looks as clean as it should, no matter what you clean it with.

2.The shower/bath – In England you shower in your bath and with the lack of ventilation there is always black dewing mould lurking in the corners. The grouting goes a funny colour too. I cant seem to get rid of it even if I clean on a daily basis. So every few month I strip the sealer around the tub and regrout and reseal. Looks great for about 3 months. It is the worst task I think.

3.Cleaing carpets – Having cats and living in the wetest country in the world.It is best to have dark carpets.

4.Cleaning out the bin and the recyling – The bin is gross and we recycle nearly everything but you need to clean out all the plastic containers otherwise they wont take it.

5.The fish tank – we got a really good filter so we dont have to do it too often. But it is a messing chore

GH said...


Perri said...

Ugh - the shower is my top 1 - 5. But, here's a tip for the microwave...Put a glass Pyrex measuring cup 1/2 full of water with a little lemon juice in the microwave for about a minute. All that gunk will be a lot easier to clean off after that. Good luck with the move!

Annie said...

1) The toilet, and the dust that gathers behind it. I can't do it! I have Jamie clean behind it. And I hate the toilet brush! I am scared of it.

2) The shower, and the pink film that's on it. Especially if I am renting, and someone wasn't deliberate about cleaning it before. Yuck!

3)I cannot for the life of me clean trash cans. I throw them away! I only have cheap ones. Double yuck.

4)The attic. It's creepy and filled with spiders.

5) Corners. There is always something lurking there.

Teri's Blog said...

Ditto on the carpets.

AceJ said...

5. Pots and Pans - No matter what you cook this is never fun.

4. Carpet- I'm never really sure how clean it gets or if the rug shampooer makes it worse.

3. The washer - the goo that hangs out around the rim has a weird texture.

2. Scooping the Yard - Picking up after two dogs so your son can play outside. No wonder we moved to the city.

1. The Diaper Champ - There are no words to express the smell that comes from a week's worth of dirty diapers. Now we toss them daily.

Denae said...

I think Adrian takes the cake on this one - Diaper Champ? - yikes!!