Headed East

Wednesday, 10 March 2010
I cannot believe I've lived in Eugene for two years.  I've made such wonderful friends here and I cherish my memories from the Pacific Northwest.  Time absolutely flies so please, take your sweet time. 

My "outs" kicked in on my personal services employment contract this month so that means I'm free to look for a job that fits certain criteria.  I found one.  The new news director at WATE, my former TV station in Knoxville, Tennessee (DMA #59) has offered me an anchor/reporter position.  I start in April.

This means I have a lot to get done by the end of March.  Packing, selling items, training my cat how to be comfortable in a soft-sided carrier so she doesn't go crazy on the airplane...you name it.  I'm very thankful for the support and advice from my sweetie, Kingsley.  We have been looking at houses online together in our new city and feel excited about the future.

Moving back to the Great Smoky Mountains means I'll be just a five hour drive from my parents and brother.  I only see them once or twice a year so having them closer will be nice.  Here's to new adventures!


Desiree Mills said...

I am so excited for you hunnie.
This is fantastic news and I love that you guys are looking at houses. Kingsley has told me all about it.

So much in store for you both. There is definitely a silver lining in every cloud.

Who knows we may come and visit you in Knoxville later on in the year... wouldn't that be grand. Keep us posted.

Lots of love
Des and little Walnut xx

Chris F. said...

Interesting! I wish you a safe move back east and best of luck on your latest endeavor :)

Amber said...

If you're interested in homes in north Knox/Halls/Fountain City, my realtor was fabulous! Whenever we were serious about a house, her husband (a part-time agent) would come along and critique it for us (he's actually an engineer of some sort). He'd point out structural flaws and give estimations of costs to fix them. I can't tell you how much time and money that saved me, not to mention the peace of mind I had in knowing that they truly were looking out for my best interest. If you need it, her name is Sherrie Estep: sharonestep@comcast.net; www.advantagetn.com

Congrats again! That's such wonderful and exciting news!

Anonymous said...

Danae... welcome back to East Tennessee! We've missed you at WATE. See you next month.
Bill Evans

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Denae said...

Thanks so much, friends. I hope you'll still follow my blog. I'll be updating from TN soon! Amber - awesome advice. Thanks for the recommendation! Des - Yes, please DO come to visit.

Tina L. Hook said...

Ooh, Congratulations! How exciting.

PS Throwing a little cat nip in a carrier goes a LONG WAY.

Good luck with the big move.