Interpretive Dance

Tuesday, 2 March 2010
Denae, CC and Mel 2009
When I was a student at the lovely Carson-Newman College, I roomed with CC and Mel.  We were like three peas in a pod.  We stayed up late laughing, crying and mostly trying on CC's clothes or watching her get ready for a date.  Mel and CC would also support me as I got ready to go to basketball and football games as a cheerleader.  (Yep,  I just admitted it.  But before you laugh, we were a co-ed squad, did two-a-day practices to get ready for national competition on ESPN in Orlando and weren't allowed to eat fried foods or drink carbonated beverages while training.)

Another activity we enjoyed in the privacy of our dorm suite:  interpretive dance.  To be fair, CC never danced with us but she would shake her head in disdain and try not to laugh.  That just encouraged us to continue with the show!  For fun (I've been home sick and have no energy to go out), I Googled interpretive dance last night and found a group of mega-talented guys who show off their mad skills for a large YouTube audience.  They are: Andrew Izzo, Jordan Cooper, Anthony Izzo and Andrew Donaldson. Our dances were never this organized but we had so much fun being silly.  Check this out:


Anonymous said...

OMG! lol! Hilarious! I wish I had this kind of free time.... :( can we do an interpretive dance at work Denae????

Pretty Little World said...

This video is too much fun!! I love coming across things that make me smile this much!!

BTW, your top in that photos is perfection!!

Anonymous said...

Disdain?!? NEVER. Amusement? Oh yeah.

Oh how I miss those days...with you girls, at least.

And you forgot to mention how *critical* Krispy Kreme runs were for our social life. Seriously, how far did we use to drive for the Hot Now sign?


Anonymous said...

I think we'll call the look "dismusement."

Once CC's annoying BF was visiting our dorm room, tainting the delicate feminine air of our suite with his total lack of anything interesting to say. At last, CC left to escort him downstairs. A moment passed as an understanding look passed between D and I, she turned and cranked the music up to top volume. We began an interpretive dance to end all interpretive dances. It spoke of our boredom, of social bonds that force civility towards those we would rather ignore, of the terror of our limited college dating pool, and of the pure transcendent joy of the hot Krispy Kreme.

When CC returned, this time there was no look of dismusement, her face could only be described as "awe struck." She knew what the dance symbolized, and it moved her. IT MOVED US ALL!

My God, to this day, that sacred moment still brings tears to my eyes. We created ART my friends.

<3 Mel

Anonymous said...

Mel, you just brought tears to my eyes as well...For you see, I was sitting in clinic supposedly listening to a lecture on Erectile Dysfunction. But, instead, I was covertly reading comments on Denae's blog. Yours made me burst out laughing. Loudly.

Pity the men around me who now believe I think ED is a laughing matter.



Denae said...

Mark Addison - YES we can make up a dance in the newsroom. Soon hopefully.

Pretty Little World - You like my top!? Major compliment coming from you. :) Clearly, I'm a big fan of yours.

Mel, CC - HAAAAAAAAAAAA. See? We still got it! I think I might break out a little something special right now... with Krispy Kreme HOT NOW as inspiration... Perhaps the dance could be known as "NOW HOT and CRISPY" with a little of the "worm" thrown in for good measure.

Amy Miller said...

Will you please post a video of your "vogue...strike a pose". Remember doing that? It was great!
Amy (McLeod) Miller