The Madness Begins

Friday, 26 March 2010
I had a sinking feeling today that something wasn't right with my movers and called.  I didn't hear from the driver by 2pm (5pm EST) and called Movex to confirm. 

Me:  I haven't heard from my driver to confirm the time of pickup tomorrow. 
Them:  Okay, let me put you through to operations.
Cindy in Operations:  Sorry, we have a problem with your truck.  How flexible are you on the moving date?
Me:  ??  What??
Cindy:  We're trying to track down another truck but I don't know...
Me:  No, I need the truck tomorrow because I'm flying out Sunday.
Cindy:  What time?
Me:  In the evening.
Cindy:  Let me put you on hold.
Me:  (Holding)
Cindy:  Yeah, we can't get a truck there.  Sorry, but don't worry we might have one by Monday.
Me:  ...?...  Monday!?
Cindy:  Yeah, our dispatch is closed on the weekends.  There's nothing else we can do.
Me:  I need to speak to a manager, please.

Molly:  I'm so sorry Ms. D'Arcy.  We can refund you $100 a day for every day the movers are late...  Do you have a relative that could "release" the shipment sometime next week?
Me:  (Breathing to stay calm) No, I don't have any family members here.  How many trucks do you have?
Molly:  Oh THOUSANDS! 
Me:  Okay, so I'm sure this isn't the first time one has broken down.  What is the protocol to fill an order when this happens?  Do you have any other customer service options?
Molly:  Well, we can pay for laborers to load everything next week..
Me:  No, I'm sorry that won't work.  I need you to try everything you can to get a driver this weekend.  I'm moving cross country and I have to load by tomorrow.
Molly:  Okay, well let me put you on hold.
Me:  (Surprised that I'm able to stay calm...deathly calm...)
Molly:  We're still calling around to find another truck.
Me:  Thank you.   ... ... ...
Molly:  .... .... .... I'm sorry, Ms. D'Arcy.
Me: ... ... ...
Molly:  Oh, wait!  Here's the dispatcher paging me!
Me: (Holding, meditative breathing for an eternity)
Molly:  Well, we found you a driver and its my favorite.  I'll have her call you this afternoon.

She called.  We're set up for tomorrow.  WHEW!  Now back to last day at KVAL (sad).


Cincinnatalie said...

I wish I could watch you do your last broadcast. Wow, you sound like you were really calm. I don't think I could have handled it that well. Best of luck and hopefully moving East means you will be up this way more often!

Anonymous said...

i can not believe that your moving away so who is going to take your spot because i am wondering okay.

Teri's Blog said...

I remember reading an article a long time ago, around the first time I moved, and it said the one of the most stressful things for women is moving.

K Coleman said...

I have really enjoyed you on KVAL. We will miss you in Eugene! I was curious about your life and move and found your blog. I noticed the article on your wedding and the immigration issues. I was wondering if you had any conversations with Rick Dancer as he is a former news anchor but has become involved in the political arena. I just wondered if he might have any connections. You can easily find him on Facebook or on his own blog. Praying you get this resolved soon.

Anonymous said...
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