On the way to PDX

Sunday, 28 March 2010
I slept on the floor last night at my place so Violet wouldn't be alone (since when do I let a cat rule my life?).  This morning I gingerly got out of "bed" and surveyed the place.  Open suitcases, clothes and toiletries covered the floor.  There's no furniture or boxes mind you because those were picked up yesterday by J and J trucking.  We loaded the truck in an hour and a half so that went pretty well.

Last night my friends came out for a lovely going away party at the Beer Stein.  The pictures are classic.  I'll be sure to post those later.

Right now I'm on a shuttle from Eugene to Portland.  We're traveling in pouring rain and that's one thing I won't miss from the PNW: grey skies and rain.

Violet is beside me in her carrier and I don't think she's very happy.  She is doing okay but meowing pretty frequently.  My fingers are crossed for the plane ride.

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