Oysters, a Stroll and Art

Saturday, 20 March 2010
I'm staying in a great part of Seattle because it is within walking distance of many of the highlights of downtown.  First, I walked to Pioneer Square to see the Saloon that was restored from the 1800s.  It got crowded around 7pm and for only $3 a pint, it was an excellent deal.  If you are lucky enough to get a seat outside, you can overlook the piers and water.

We got into town late in the afternoon (5 hours drive from Eugene) so I started my tour by foot in early evening.  By the time I walked the two miles to Pike Place Market, the stands had closed up for business.  It was actually quite peaceful walking along the brick sidewalks watching the vendors clean out their stalls.  I plan to go back tomorrow to see the fresh food and flowers.

At Pike Place Market, I walked past the original Starbucks, which opened in 1971.  It is small and unassuming and has a different look than the franchises we're used to seeing all over the world.  

I am also really enjoying the Native American art featured in many galleries in downtown Seattle.  The work is original and creative.  This type of art is prevalent in the Pacific Northwest because there are many tribes native to Seattle such as the Duwamish, Suquamish, Tulalip and Snoqualmie Nations.  The next time I speak with my grandmother I'm going to ask her about her Native American artifacts, art and rugs.  I remember her displaying some lovely pieces around her home when we were children.


Chris F. said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. Seattle is on my list of places to visit before I die :)

LizP said...

I have lived in the PNW for almost 8 years and have never made it to Seattle.

Nan said...

stunning...I love anything Native American.Enjoy your trip.