Quick Recap

Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Pack all crap into a truck. 
Movers head out with almost everything I own. 
Slept on the floor one night. 
Spent 5 hours cleaning my apartment. 
Caught shuttle to Portland airport with a meowing, angry cat. 
Get through security with angry cat. 
Boarded plane with angry cat. 
Flight to Atlanta.  Cat did not meow once.  Really?
Change planes. 
Arrive in Knoxville. 
Check into random, not very nice hotel because they'll accept pets and an early check-in. 
Look at cars at 5 dealerships. 
Buy a car from Peter at Rick McGill's Toyota.
Pick up my good friend Ace. 
Meet Realtor - 30 minutes later than he expected us (sorry, Aaron). 
Look at 10 houses.  (The rush is because of the expiration of the 1st time home buyer's tax credit.)
Put a bid in on a house.
Happy hour with Adrian and Larsen and their lovely friends. 
Take rental car to airport.
Pick up car at dealership.
Go to sign counter offer.
Drive 5 hours to Columbus, Ohio to see family.

How's your weekend/week?  Miss you!


Chris F. said...

I hope you can get a week of relaxation after all this is done. It is the same ole same ole with me. Classes and more classes. We are on Easter Break this weekend.

Perri said...

You deserve a nap!

LizP said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading it! But it sounds like things are coming together :-)

Nan said...

What you have achieved is amazing,I hope you get some rest at your folks' place.I have tried to catch you on Skype ,but have not been lucky. look after yourself,love you lollypop !!!Nan

Denae said...

Nap time for sure. ;) Thanks for reading friends.