Verizon vs. AT&T

Tuesday, 9 March 2010
My long-running contract with Sprint is finally up at the end of this month.  For the last six months, I've resisted the urge to resign and upgrade to a new phone.  My communication channel to the outside world by phone is currently an old flip model on which I can text, make calls, take pictures and retrieve voice mail.  Even my 59 year old father has a smart phone.  I must get with the program.

So, should I:

1.  Get a Verizon Droid  (better network) ?


2.  Get an AT&T iPhone (better phone) ?

My Twitter friends and I debated this one night ad naseum and I have a few other friends who have given me advice on this topic so why not collect yours as well?  Verizon people swear by their Droids (they open more than one application at once and the screen is huge) and AT&T people swear by their iPhones (there's nothing better on the market for touch screen and the camera quality is almost professional.)

What type of phone and network do you use and what are the pros and cons?


Wait!  Hold the phone!  (See what I did there?)  After doing more research on my own, I'm very interested in the Nexus One by Google.  It is available from T-Mobile and will soon be coming to Verizon.  Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

iPhone is hands down the best mobile device out there. I have personally held and used the droid and the google phone. While those are very good phones.. the touch screen is laggy compared to the iphone and truthfully I wouldnt trade my network for either of those phones. Everyone says that ATT has a horrible network.. and for the most part they are correct. However, imagine how many iphone users there are on ATT.. that many people sharing the same network and using 3g internet at the same time is bound to cause some lag and dropped calls to the network, but all in all they have done a fine job taking care of iphone users and are constantly improving the network in select areas where trouble has been reported.

Thabang Motsei said...

Hey D, I got an Iphone (3GS). I've had mine for about four days now having upgraded from blackberry (which I loved to death!!!). But the future is here and its the Iphone. Your computer in a pocket literally and APPS that can do just about everything (I know we are getting rather lazy but there are benefits)loads of them!. My 3GS is faster in connection, has video/camera (which can later be linked to my macbook pro), I can link up my data from my macbook to it and have access to files, itunes, pics, videos at hand. This phone will change YOUR life. It doesn't hurt that its also quite pretty to look at. The downside: there's one: battery life is not so great, but don't let this deter you. This is ONE of the best SMARTPHONES in the market. And yes I do belong in the apple're a social media enthusiasm and how great will it be to have a phone like this and access all your blogs, twitter etc at hand without finding a computer, as well as take good pics and video's and it's handy for those unexpeced stories that you can record and send back to the studio (at a decent resolution).

LizP said...

Kiley has a Droid and she loves it. Her most convincing comment to me was that you cannot multi-task on an iPhone. Well then there's the horrible AT&T service to consider too. Everyone I know who has an iPhone just puts up with it. We've had Verizon for a very long time and they do have the best service here in OR. Thomas & I want Droids.

Jonah was going to check out the Google phone from T-Mobile. I'll send him over here to comment on that.

The End :-)

Denae said...

Thanks Anon, Thabang Motsei (miss you so much) and LizP! Excellent comments/feedback. This is what I was hoping for... Thank you for taking the time to help me out!

Jyo Nah said...

Do. Not. Get. The. iPhone.

Thats what I want to say anyway. Anon has a point when s/he says that the touch screen on the iPhone far surpasses the touchscreen on any other phone, but thats where the benefits stop - in my opinion.

Apple created a huge success with the iPhone, but has been slowly screwing it all up since.

Apple loves to be proprietary, they only 'play nice' when they have to. Apple has a history of rejecting perfectly good applications from the App store for selfish reasons. You'll never see any browser in there - they want you to use safari. Music related apps are usually handicapped, and when google submitted an application for its Voice Service, it was rejected on the grounds that it was a 'redundant service.' (Competitive service)

Recently, Apple removed explicit applications from the app store, which would be all nice and fine if that was a decision they were making - make iPhones childsafe or whatnot, but the removal wasn't complete, while they removed other swimsuit apps, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit app stayed, and while other erotic imagery related applications were removed, they kept Playboy.

More about Apple and the app store:
(Good to know when reading this: There ARE applications in the app store that simply make fart noises)

Apple has actually in the past sent out updates that completely disabled any phones that had been modified to run applications not in their app store, or to run on networks other than AT&T.

More: Apple is suing HTC over the phone they made for google. With that in mind read this, written by the CEO of SUN Microsystems (Responsible for Java and Open Office)

The thing about the Droid and the Nexus One is that they're both running Android.

The iPhone runs the iPhone OS 3, but Android is an OS (Operating System) Developed by google for smart phones that is open source. Anybody can create a phone running on android, and anybody can build an application for android.

Where as Apple halts progress by locking down the iPhone, android is nothing but opportunity. To put it simply, Android is (or at least shall become) superior to the iPhone for the same reasons that Firefox (Or even Chrome) is superior to Explorer (or Safari)

Now between the Droid and the Nexus One, I vote Nexus One. That's what i plan on getting. The only reason to choose the Droid over the Nexus would be the desire for a physical keyboard. So decide how important that is to you, and you've decided which phone you should get.

The iPhone isn't the future, the iPhone is the now. The future is android.

As for the network, look to see what network is going to work best where you're going, Check into Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

(Please keep in mind, it was almost 2 AM when I started writing. Sorry if I don't make sense here or there)

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Android is NOT the future and neither is the iPhone since they are hear today :-) .. and I hear the multi-tasking argument a lot. On the earlier versions of the iphone this was a problem because as the phones aged and you used hard drive space it took a long time to load app after app. Now with the 3gs it doesnt really matter because of how quick the processor is. If I am typing an email and need to copy and paste from another application.. I hit the home button pull the app I need copy the info. then pull up my email again.. and the email stays just the way it was when I left. Same with text messages and phone calls.

By the way when you are on the phone you can use any app you want while you talk.. Verizon doesnt let you do that.. you can also surf the web on 3g while your on the phone.

So IMO the multi-taksing argument is a joke and people use that as a crutch to prop up these other laggy touch sreen phones. Remember people these are phones.. not computers and the iphone does multitask certain key features such as monitoring the network for incoming calls and texts.. you can also play music in the background.. all your other apps have push notifications as well. So while this isn't Windows 7 or Mac OSX it is a great cell phone.. because thats what it is.. a friggin cell phone!

Amy Miller said...

Don't have a smart phone yet, but would never leave verizon.

Jyo Nah said...

@Anon: How is android not the future? Android has already rocketed up to number two in the smartphone market, and there is an android phone available now on every major carrier, and most of the others as well.

Every application developed for Android is then available on a number of different phones, and will not become suddenly unavailable at the whimsy of Apple. Everything about android makes investment in Android an investment in the future. With Apple, the future is always uncertain.

Denae said...

Excellent reviews, Jyo Nah thanks for the info. Anon - also glad to get your input. I have to move into the present with my technology. Eeeps.

Anonymous said...

You said it best Jyo... it has rocketed to number two!! Which I believe is considered the first loser :-)

I have enjoyed your debate and do agree that the Android is probably an excellent phone.. its just not the phone I would want. However, with that said if you want a second rate phone I will not hold that against you. I will not discriminate against all the Android users of the world. Afterall it is a phone. If it can email, text, browse, and occasionally make phone calls then thats all I need it do.

But I do wish it could iron my clothes, cook me dinner and such.. and if the Android can ever do that I'll be happy to convert until then I'll stick with the greedy Apple Execs. who have a great business model which is why we should hate them right? Because its not us making all that money :-) My point there is if they want to restrict apps for their phone then fine.. it really doesnt make sense to have a multitude of apps that do pretty much the same thing. Why do I want three web browsers on my phone?

As the market continues to progress Apple will be forced to open up the platform to new apps.. and I thank all the Android users because its your competition to Apple's iPhone that will continue to improve and ultimately make my phone even better in the future. So thank you for suffering through the non-responsive touch screen technology developed by Motorola.

One last thing is its real easy to update your software and change all your phone setting through iTunes. Just the ease of use between your computer and phone makes it a good investment. I wouldnt want to take the time to learn the Android OS after spending so much time with the iPhone.

Anonymous said...

One more thing.. I dont see a phone as an investment in my future..? but my financial planner may have just forgotten to mention how important a decision it really is :-)