For A Laugh

Monday, 19 April 2010
Sometimes we're just too serious.  Why not take a couple of minutes each day to waste valuable time and have a laugh?  When I need to step back and clear the mind, I like to visit these sites.

NOTE:  I do not endorse specific content but sometimes the posts are hilarious.

Fail Blog - Website that shows "Fails" and "Wins" sent in by fans.  You can click the "G rated" tab when you go to the sight to avoid curse words and such.  Here's an example of a "Fail:"

People of Wal-mart - a funny site that shows Wal-mart customers at their best.  You can even browse pictures sent in from people from specific states.  The captions sprinkle on a little wit and sarcasm.

Fail Book - Similar to Fail Blog.  Shows content from Facebook - not always appropriate mind you - that is just silly.  An example...

Which sites am I missing??


Amber said...

Those are three very good ones!

Another one I like is Some of it is quite crude, 12-yr-old boy humor, but there are enough gems to keep me coming back for more.

Anonymous said...

This is a great one. Ah, the home country...


Denae said...

Casey - haha hilarious! Amber - my new fav site! Thanks!