Guest Blogger: Violet the Cat

Friday, 23 April 2010

Hi.  My mommy lives in a lovely condo with friends.  The only problem is the dogs.  I really like the baby, Henry.  He is nice to me and gives me treats.  He is just a little boy and he gets really excited and screams when he sees me but I try to be brave and not run under the bed because I know he likes to pet me.

I am enjoying my room because I get to look out the window at all of Knoxville rushing by below.  The windows here are huge and I can see for miles.  I like to swish my tail back and forth when I see birds or wasps.

Mommy keeps telling me about our new house.  She says hopefully on Thursday, I will have lots of rooms to explore and I can run and play with my toys for hours.  I'll also get a large litter box rather than the small travel one and that will be nicer, I'm sure.

As I dictate this blog post to mom, I'm laying on the bed giving myself a bath and blinking slowly when mom talks to me.  I like to get up and stretch before I go to sleep and when I do that, my tail twists into a curly-q.  Mom thinks that is adorable.

I hope we do get our own house soon.  Mom is really lucky to have such nice friends so we have a place to stay but I want to get back to being a lap kitty.  It's what I do best.  (See above picture.)


Chris F. said...

I bet she is glad that the moving is almost finished. Have a good weekend, Violet.

Ted Stryk said...

Wow, Violet has quite a vocabulary.

Denae said...

Violet says "thank you for the comments." She is very happy to have readers.