House Hunting

Sunday, 4 April 2010

My parents and I walked through this house again yesterday in Knoxville.  It isn't brand news and it isn't huge but I really like it.  So... Kingsley and I have decided to go for it.

We've been negotiating with the seller and decided to accept the counter offer.  What does that mean?  I'm a first-time home buyer!

Time now to schedule the home inspection and move forward.  What's your advice at this stage in the game?  I plan to attend the inspection but should I ask specific questions?

Also - Happy Easter!  Hope your day is lovely and blessed.


Chris F. said...

Aside from checking out the qualifications of the home inspector itself, you would want for the inspector to check for structural damage, electrical and wiring, plumbing and ventilation particularly if it has a basement/crawl space. Home inspections are generally pretty straight forward providing everything is on the up and up.

JJ said...

Make sure Deborah from your previous post doesn't live next door!

Crystal Young said...

Before you choose the inspector ask to look at the forms they fill out. If there are only a few sheets move on to the next guy because you want to have as much information about this property as possible before you concrete anything.

Every state has a minimum the inspector has to look at and report on, you want the inspector who goes beyond that. In most instances this will count as a small part of your closing costs. If you find an inspector you like and don't end up buying the house, usually a good one will do subsequent inspections on other properties for significantly less than the first.

Desiree Mills said...

You both must be so excited on buying your first home.
It makes all the differenc when its your own..HAPPY EASTER!!
Lots of Love D xx

LizP said...

If your home inspection doesn't include the roof, depending on the age of the house, you may want a separate roof inspection.

One thing we were told is to see if the home inspection company you choose also does repairs. You may want to find one that just does home inspections. It seems sort of fishy for a company that does repairs to also do the inspection.

Also, your real estate agent may offer to buy (or pay for half) of a home warranty policy. I must say we took advantage of ours ... new water heater for the cost of a visit!

I'm so excited for you!!!

LMJ said...

Denae -Congrats on this huge step!

My advice for the home inspection is to ask your home inspector what is their top priority of the list of things that might need to be fixed at the house. Then try to write that fix into your negation with the seller, so it is fixed before you move in. Some people say this is risky b/c it might upset the seller, but all they can say is no, and at least you are aware of a problem that you'll be responsible for fixing right away.

My other advice as a homeowner is calculate your savings for things like your water bill. My bill comes every 3 months and it took a while to get used to writing that check, but once I figured out my monthly savings for bills like this, it wasn't such a shocker every 3 months when it came in the mail.

Hope life with the new job is going great & you're enjoying being a bit closer to your family!

Denae said...

Excellent advice as always fellow bloggers. Thank you!