Plant a Tree

Saturday, 17 April 2010
There's a guy in Tennessee that is handing out 100,000 free trees.  He's a business man and his name is Chris Clark.  He is giving away the trees to beautify the state and honor his late father.  Today at Earth Fest on the campus of Pellissippi College in Knoxville, I got a free tree! 

There were several indigenous choices including Baldcypress, Overcup Oak, Tulip tree, White Oak, Nuttall Oak, Shumard Oak, Sawtooth Oak and Shortleaf Pine.  I selected the Tulip tree which is expected to grow up to 85 feet and bloom flowers that resemble tulips. 

To me, this means more than just planting a tree.  This is about owning property!  If we close on the house I'll have the right to plant a tree and watch it grow.  Now, I just need to do the research and figure out how to take care of it.  The tree now looks like just a stick, about 3 feet long with a pile of roots.


Anonymous said...

With tulip trees, crepe myrtels and can't go wrong.


Tina L. Hook said...

How exciting! I saw your future house a few posts down and it looks wonderful.

Since it will be at least a year before we will be buying our forever house, I have resorted to purchasing interior design software so that I can start decorating our hypothetical house in advance. I'm a nerd.

Best of luck in your recent move and wishing you much domestic bliss. If you want me to plug in one your rooms into my software and decorate it for fun, I will. ;)