Preparing the toasts

Tuesday, 27 April 2010
Things are not always what they seem.

I spoke to my Realtor tonight and he says the closing isn't going down because of an issue with the sellers - unbeknown to me - that was highly frustrating for both him and my mortgage broker.

Even though I was frustrated yesterday, tonight I am feeling thankful for the opportunity to even purchase a house.  After going through the process, I realize how difficult it is to get funding for a loan to close on a house.

My new neighbors will probably think there are fireworks going off the evening I move in.  Why?  I plan to pop the top on one - maybe two - bottles of champagne in celebration.  Kings should have some bubbly ready in London as well so we can toast to success.  He's had to listen to me complain about this every night for 30 days but like a doll, he's remained helpful and patient through it all.

Here's to Kingsley, Aaron and Josh!!


Anonymous said...

handsome pook

htimfass said...

Having almost turned the key to your new door, will this experience give you any insight on how you investigate a story? There is a lot more to events that a mere few minutes of discussion with disclose.

Wait for the day you walk in the shoes of the seller, your endevor is much easier.

Good luck with your castle and may this be the only hardship you have to need to deal with with.