Well well well

Monday, 26 April 2010

There for a second today I forgot I had a blog.  I felt that my life was crashing in on me and I had no place to turn but seriously... there's always the internet and you kind people!

The home closing is a no-go.  What?!?  That's what I said.

Around noon today my mortgage broker called to tell me the closing *might* happen next week... on Wednesday.  I was still under the impression we were going to close on Thursday (in 3 days) at 5pm.  Nope.  On top of that, I have to pay an additional $100 in fees.

That doesn't include the additional week of parking I have to pay for downtown, the extra week of living out of a suitcase (hasn't been too bad but everyone at work must think I only have 3 outfits) and I have to bug my generous friends Ace and L for one more week of accommodation.  I have THE best friends.

Here's the rub:  I'm getting a FHA loan (and you thought newscasters made buckets of money) which requires a down payment and strict regulations when it comes to the house.   As in, it can't have mold in the basement in order to secure funding.

A few weeks ago, an inspector came out to check the place, gave us his findings and cashed my check.  The findings included a spot of mold in the basement.  Not that big of a deal UNTIL no one told the mortgage broker (I didn't know!!) and he immediately ordered the appraisal.  The Appraiser went over, noticed the mold and put a grinding halt to my home buying process.  No way-no how is the gov going to finance a loan for a house with mold in it.  The sellers hadn't had a chance to clear the problem.  The cleaning is in the works now but I have to pay another $100 for a re-inspection because of the mistake.

I'm trying to go to a happy place and realize this will all work out but really the process is difficult and I can see why some people just choose to rent.

P.S. - Anyone know what type of tree/bush/weed is flowering in the front yard?


Teri's Blog said...

Lilac? But usually they are more purple?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, sweets. Be patient. In the long run, the $100 will be worth being a home owner.

And I think the bush might actually be a crape myrtle that is in desperate need of pruning.



Denae said...

CC - the $100 is much less painful than waiting another week for the house but hey these things happen. No wonder the government has to give a tax credit to get ppl buying again. It is one of the most difficult processes and refuse to go through it. Great documentary on NPR this morning about city dwellers who have rented for 30+ years.

Crystal Young said...

Wait until you get the "homeowner's hand cramp" from the signing. Worth it, worth it, worth it.

There are two plants in your front yard there one is a crepe myrtle the other is a weed.