Can't Get in the Door? Try the Window

Wednesday, 19 May 2010
I went outside this glorious afternoon to leisurely water my plants.  I have a green pepper plant, cucumber plant, tomato plant, banana pepper plant and now Pesto Basil, Lemon Thyme, Italian Oregano, Rosemary, Mint and something else.

My neighbor was across the street pulling weeds out of her flower bed.  The sun was shining but the temperature was just perfect.  The plants looked great.

I finished up, wound up my new hose and picked up a piece of paper from the front lawn.  When I turned the door knob to go into the house, it wouldn't turn.  I was locked out.  I'm not the type to panic so I took a deep breath and checked out the plants again.

Without letting the neighbors notice my dilemma, I nonchalantly looked up to see if the front windows were all locked.  They were.   No problem.  I walked around to the side of the house and BINGO the window wasn't latched.  I pushed it open but I was too short to even kind of crawl up into the living room.

I went to the back of the house and carried around 2 cement cinder blocks.  After climbing onto those, I could dive head first into the window next to the couch.  Violet was embarrassed.  My neighbors are ashamed of me but I conquered my first problem as a homeowner.   :)


Teri's Blog said...

Totally jealous you get to have a garden!

Crystal Young said...

If you have someone (like Adrian) that you trust you can make a copy of your house key and give it to her for just such occasions. That way to the neighbors it will look like you are sitting on your porch enjoying the evening until your friend comes to visit.

Tearsa said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love how you went back to check out the plants! I would have been scream not so nice things.. LOL

Denae said...

Teri - Are you kidding me?? I'm jealous of YOU with your PhD adventure in the UK!

CY - That is a fabulous idea. I'm going to do it. Love!

Tearsa - I was screaming - but just in my head. The neighbors can't hear me there. Hahahaha.