On the Catwalk

Monday, 17 May 2010

Disclaimer:  When I was a freshman in college, I participated in the Miss Carson-Newman (college) pageant.  It included an interview, evening gown and talent competition.

I was purusing the farm/garden section on Craigslist last night (Why am I obsessed with that site these days?) while the TV was on and before I knew it, I was watching the Miss USA pageant on NBC.  50 ladies who were no doubt beautiful began hoofing it across the stage in stilletos and very short sequined mini-dresses to very bad music. 

The first part of the show narrowed the ladies down to the Top 15. 

All of the remaining contenders had long, flowing locks but most of them were extensions.  The women were all tan (they paint or spray on an un-natural color) and many of them had clearly paid for breast implants.  Their teeth were shiny, the color of snow and they wore heels close to 5 inches high. 

What's my point?  Pageants are a bunch of baloney.  They are put on to produce advertising revenue for television networks and pageant chains.  Last night, Donald Trump hosted the event in conjunction with NBS and his Trump hotel in Vegas flashed on the tube several times.  His wife and friend were judges.

But come on, pageants are harmless, what's the big deal? 

I don't care for them because they glorify and categorize beauty rather than brains.  Pageants teach young ladies to care about looks and conform to long hair, tan skin and white teeth not to mention very skinny bodies with large, fake breasts.  The outgoing Miss USA interviewed with presenters and when asked what she'd do with her time off she said, "I'm going to sleep in tomorrow to get my beauty rest and I have lots of passions to pursue like dancing."  Fascinating and inspirational, I'm sure.

Pageants which include a talent competition have a bit more depth, in my opinion.  But what does a woman's appearance in a bikini have to do with how she will represent the United States?  Nothing.  It just objectifies the body and raises money for Trump, a powerful, rich guy.

You know me with the blog posts, I like to get my opinion out there in the hopes that you'll share yours.  Am I over the top here?  Are pageants just good fun?


Chris F. said...

In the world we live in, the physical aspects of us are usually what people judge us by first for better or worse. It has always been that way. I don't care much for pageants (male nor female). But that is just me.

My motto is regardless of what everyone else does, I will beat to my own drummer.

Crystal Young said...

While I would never enter a pageant, I got an interesting perspective from a friend of mine who used to compete regularly as a child. She was 18 and seeking sponsors so she asked her employer. He told her he wouldn't give her the donation because she was already beautiful and shouldn't need a trophy to confirm that.

I am the one who tells my daughter she is beautiful every day. I define the criteria so that when she is old enough to look at a pageant she will know that it takes a strong woman to stand up there and let other people tell her whether or not she is beautiful enough. The same way it takes an extra thick skin to deal with the mean things viewers have to say about reporters.

People have suggested that I put my little girl in pageants. I feel the same about that as I do about piercing her ears. When she is old enough to decide for herself, then we will talk about it.