On Island Time

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Kingsley and I like to stay in condos rather than hotels when we travel so we can make our own breakfast and have an outdoor space.  It also allows us to experience a bit of the local culture.  We're staying in one of the above condo for the week, located in a fishing village in the middle of Isla Mujeres.  We rented a scooter for so we can choose from 3 sides of the island where the beaches are quite gorgeous.  The place has a roof terrace and a pool and a one bedroom condo with a full kitchen and luxury bathroom.  We snapped these shots from the terrace our first full evening on the island.

The roof top has a 360 degree view of the 5 mile long island.  We can see the ocean on three sides but our place isn't quite tall enough to see the point.  This morning, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast on Norte Playa near Cafe del Moar at Jax's.  There's Mayan influences everywhere.

On our first day in Cancun, we went into the city for a few interviews (Kings is considering moving to Mexico) and had lunch at a traditional restaurant near the hospital.  It was muy delicioso. 

I know I'm just being picky but ugh - do we have to have the red fire extinguisher in the middle of the shot?  Hope you are having a great week.


Ted Stryk said...

I want a hat like Kingsley's!

Nan said...

I just adore these pictures.xxxxx

Denae said...

Thanks for commenting. I'll try to put more up soon. xoxx