Seeing the sights

Friday, 28 May 2010

Relaxation abounds in Mexico - island style.  I heard a man ask his lady friend from the United States, "Honey how do you like it here?"  She said "It's pretty but too poor."  Ack!  She clearly doesn't get it.  The island is full of culture and different styles of living.  It reminds me of Barcelona near the ocean. Not everything is Western Style.

Kingsley is a freak (my words).  He rises at 5 or 6 a.m. and feels he owes it to humanity to go out and make sure everything has made it through the evening.  I'm a late sleeper but we get along fine.  The compromise is that he brings coffee to my bedside table with a generous pour of milk and sugar.  Then at least I have protein to get me going before 8 a.m.  This morning we explored the entire island before most shops opened and dreamed about where we would like to buy.

My favorite part of the journey thus far, was the snorkeling.  I cannot believe how beautiful the underwater world is.  I saw Starfish, Barracuda, Angel Fish and at least 10 other species.  We're excited to buy a book and study the wildlife we witnessed today together.

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keeps the posts coming - love you much