Beat the Heat

Saturday, 12 June 2010
I'm going to HAVE to figure out a way to beat the heat this summer.  Bob is already predicting 90s all next week and with my job at 6 News, I have to hit the streets to report.  Man it is hot.  On Friday, my standup report looked like I had just played a few rounds of tennis.  I was "melty" as I like to call it. 

So what to do?

I don't really like public pools, I LOVE the lake but I don't have a boat, and the air conditioner needs to stay at a reasonable level all summer.  No thanks to paying hundreds to the utility company each month.  Perhaps I'll find a swimming beach on Norris Lake and camp out a few times.

My little flagstone patio in the back yard is under some lovely shade trees but even in the 90s, shade doesn't offer much relief.  And just think... it's not even summer yet!

How do you beat the heat?


Chris F. said...

I am not one for the heat either. Give me highs in the 50-70's range and I'm happy.

Unless you have the luxury of living in a icebox, I don't know if anyone can "beat" the heat.

There are several things that I have incorporated over the yesrs that do help: wear light colored and light textured clothing. Hopefully, your employer doesn't require you to wear black all the time. If it works for you, perhaps keep your hair rolled up or maybe even get a haircut that at least keeps your neck free.

I also like to put some aloe vera on my neck and underneath my arms. I also use it for shaving. I never liked aftershave anyways. It would even be good to carry some around with you too.

Of course, always keep water handy. Don't gulp it down at once. Take sips of water every 10 minutes or so depending on your conditions.

Another thing that helps is eat plenty of fruit. I personally like strawberries, blueberries and cherries. But whatever works for you. Keep cooked meals to a minimum. I rarely eat bread and red meats at this time of the year. Foods like rice and potatoes are kept to a minimum. Eat a light breakfast, have your biggest meal in the middle of the day and eat a light dinner if necessary.
I personally do just fine on two meals a day and snack on fruit and nuts.

I hope this helps.

Dan said...

Costco has a walk-in refrigerated area where they have their lettuce, etc. It is a great place to go to cool off, although briefly, because it is pretty cool inside.

I also like to drink ice-tea, both regular and sweet-tea. I find that to be even more refreshing than cold water.

You did not mention how much backyard space you have, but you can always put out a sprinkler and run through it, or just put out a chase lounge and let the sprinkler sprinkle over you...

Denae said...

Nice tips, thanks. I really love the Costco fridge idea. Haa!