BP Apology

Sunday, 6 June 2010
What do you think?  Does the televised apology from BP's CEO make you feel better about the oil spill?  If you haven't seen it, I've included it for your viewing pleasure.

In my opinion, the apology is too late.  This happened on April 20th it took this long for the CEO to respond publically with an "I'm sorry?" 

I actually tear up when I see the video of pelicans sitting motionless on the beaches because they are too covered in oil to move or fly.  They'll slowly starve to death because the rescue crews can't get to all of them in time.  You can only imagine what is happening to wildlife that is in the water and has no escape. 

It is noteworthy that the CEO apologized since this was an accident.  However, one way to be a responsible, successful corporation is to prepare for disaster.  The company still doesn't have the spill stopped and it will continue to gush until at least August.  Please don't apologize, just spend all of your time, money and efforts into stopping the oil and cleaning it up. 



Chris F. said...

I will just say that his "apology" is dishonest.

Crystal Young said...

Yet another opportunity for Dawn Original Dish soap to "clean up" in the PR department. Since it is the only dish soap strong enough to wash the oil but gentle enough to wash the birds.

On the apology . . . too little, too late.

On what to do about it . . . sending more money out to public education to enhance programs that teach children how to think and not what to think. Encourage kids in math an sciences so we get better solutions when stuff like this happens. Won't help this spill but honestly, what is helping at this point?

On what to do about it today . . . what do they do in Iraq and Iran . . . maybe we should try that. They act like it's never been done before.