Flower Power

Wednesday, 16 June 2010
I finally finished the 50 yard flower bed that runs the length of half my property.  It was absolutely flooded with weeds and poison oak.  It took 3 days of hard work but I cleaned it out, planted ground cover, Day Lillies and ferns and mulched.  I even constructed four raised beds out of free, recycled materials.  
I planted veggies for the first time ever and I'm trying my hand at gardening.  So far, I have produced one small red pepper and one very small banana pepper.  The squash and cucumber are flowering but not bearing fruit yet.  I believe they need pollination and I don't know if we have any bees nearby.  
It's exciting to check on the garden each day after work to see what surprises might be there.  I have several varieties of tomatoes but nothing is flowering yet.  The beds are in full sun and I water daily.  Any advice?  Please post a comment below.
Eggplant (left), squash (right)
Red pepper (back left), cucumber (front left), row of green beans, row of lettuce
Tomatoes, banana pepper (right)
Big Boy, Burpee Tie Die, Purple Cherokee tomatoes
My herbs also seem to like their home in containers on the back deck.  I have basil, mint, lemon thyme, oregano, garlic chive and Rosemary.


Dan said...

You mentioned you were not sure if any bees were nearby Sometimes you have to play honeybee yourself. Get a small paintbrush with a soft tip. You can then go from flower to flower and actually pollinate them yourself. You basically "paint" the flower itself. It may take a little practice, but it does work...

Jessica Collins said...

I'm not a seasoned gardener by any means, but I know squash, cucumbers and eggplant need a lot of space. And usually it takes until mid-summer or so for much to happen.

Ted Stryk said...

Your garden is looking great!

Teri's Blog said...

Hey, it's looking good. I wish I could grow stuff, but no luck here in the dorms. Maybe when I move out.

Tina L. Hook said...

How cute are you? It looks like I will have another year of condo living before I can dig in the dirt and plant things. Love your garden. Glad to see your new home has worked out nicely.