Gulf Coast Oil Spill

Thursday, 24 June 2010
My station, 6 News sent me with a crew and our main anchor, Lori to the Gulf coast to do live reports on the oil spill. While there, I had no free time and sadly, no Wifi.  Please forgive my lack of posting.  I'm home now with stories to tell.  I promise to update you tomorrow when I have a full night's sleep.

We saw tar balls, a dead shark, oil seeping into marsh lands, people waiting in long lines at the BP claims office and residents who are very angry with the response.

As for me, my eyes were opened to the sorrows of disasters and how ecosystems can be destroyed in a matter of hours.  On the bright side, some folks are amazingly strong and somehow keep determination and positivity in the forefront of their minds.

While we had no time to do anything recreational, we did eat excellent seafood twice.  I'll fill you in on that as well.

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