Most Embarrassing Moment

Tuesday, 15 June 2010
You know how you sit around sometimes dishing with friends and someone asks, "So what's your most embarassing moment?"  I have a new one.

Kingsley and I have been discussing him moving to Mexico so at least we'll be closer while we continue the good fight for our Visa.  Well, we're getting closer to a decision and I wanted to follow up on one of our conversations.  Since we deal with a 5 hour time difference, if I think of something to tell Kingsley, I usually slap it into an email so he gets it when he wakes up.

Sunday night, I was getting ready for bed and typing away on my Blackberry (with my thumbs) writing an email to Kingsley.  I pressed "send" and smiled to myself.  Things were looking up.  A few seconds later my phone buzzed and I had an email from a co-worker.  Thinking "That's strange this late..." I read it.  And. Almost. Passed. Out.

I had sent the private message meant for my husband to the ENTIRE NEWSROOM.  One of our kind editiors, Phil, sent me an email back reminding me to double check the "to" field before sending.  How embarrassing.  The message ended with "Love u so much!" 

Several people said "Love you too" to me the next day at work and many are also calling me "pook."  Arg!!!


Crystal Young said...

There is some way to retrieve those if you do it relatively quickly. I don't know the specs but our IT guy says it's possible. Talk to a techie who knows.

Dan said...

Very funny... the "montra" around my place of work is "don't be too quick to click..." In other words, before you click "send" make sure you have it addressed to who you want it to go to... Thanks for sharing!!!