Twilight and New Moon

Sunday, 13 June 2010

You may remember my post on the Twilight series when it came out earlier this year.  In the article, I admitted that I hadn't read the books but posted a few comments from criticts who thought the main character, Bella, was portrayed as a weak girl who can't survive without her man. Feminists went wild with this and I bought into the hype. The books are actually pretty good and it is fiction, just meant to entertain.

I'm to the end of New Moon, the second book in the series.

Here's my thoughts:  Unless you are looking for entertainment only, the books are a waste of time.  Readers do not learn anything or grow in character through the series.  The writing is poor:  Bella got up.  Bella called Edward.  Bella giggled after calling Edward.  But I must admit, the story line is fascinating! 

The author, Stephanie Meyers is writing for an audience who is not too developed (which is smart because she can sell a lot of books to a wide range of fans).  Her shallow sentences work because she has the talent to write descriptively and paint a picture in the mind of the reader.  Creatures transform into monsters from human forms and one can truly picture it happening through Meyers' words. 

Bella is the weak character and the story is built around her inadequacies and need to be taken care of.  The men (Edward and Jacob) are both powerful beings who are more talented than humans, can fight harder, go without sleep and food and even read minds.  The books appeal to a younger audience so there's no sex, no alcohol, no drugs and life seems very unrealistic.  No kidding.  It's a story about vampires and werewolves.

Bottom line?  If you like to completely zone out (maybe summer vacation reading), pick up the series.  The books are hard to put down.  If you'd rather spend your time reading something that gives you a flash of knowledge or encouragement, look elsewhere.

I'm going to buy Breaking Dawn (the 3rd book) tonight.

P.S. How about the movies?  Worth the time?  I think the casting agents could've found someone even more gorgeous than Edward to play the main part.  He's cast as a beautiful god in the mind of readers.


Teri's Blog said...

Eclipse is 3rd, BD is 4th. So far critics have said Eclipse is the best of the 3 movies and they are breaking BD into 2 movies. I personally don't think it needs to be broken up, but I am not trying to make more money off of them.

Casey said...

Well, you are going to buy the 3rd book, so I think the author has done her job.

Amber C said...

I think the movies are only worth seeing if you're a fan of the books. Parts of the New Moon movie were so cheesy that I felt like I was watching a tampon commercial. However, it's very fun to see how the characters are portrayed. I agree with you about Edward, but they casted Jacob perfectly!

Tina L. Hook said...

As an aspiring writer I am happy for Stephanie's success. (Good karma.)

I do feel like this presents a dilemma. Writing to a mass audience may bring success but is it really the kind of book writers dream of writing? yes and no?

How is your book coming, btw?

Denae said...

Teri - you're right thanks! I'm really loving the series as a form of good 'ole fashion entertainment. Mind numbing but fabulous!

FGMM - thank you for asking about the book! I haven't completed any work on it in ages. I must get back to it. It will be a wonderful fall/winter project.

Jessica Collins said...

The movies are a little laughable in some ways--like using any opportunity whatsoever to allow boys to remove their shirts--but very entertaining in others and well-made.

I agree about the book, a little too frothy for my taste but still a magnetic read. I rolled my eyes at some of the descriptions. I didn't need to know about every single time a person raised their eyebrows or felt their heart beating harder. But I suppose I would've adored it as a teenager. And I too couldn't be happier for Meyer's success.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about Edwards casting. Horrible choice. They did well with Kristin Stewart I think though. I have read all 4 books (I wanted to know the end) They are easy light reading and the last book is by far the best.

Denae said...

I saw the New Moon movie and loved it! Finished Eclipse and I'm on to Breaking Dawn.