Where's My Piece?

Saturday, 5 June 2010
I have health insurance through my place of employment.  Most people who work there would admit, it isn't that great.  We have a whopping $2000 deductible.  That means, unless I am dying, I will NOT go to the doctor or fill a prescription.  Wow.  A great way to care for oneself and remain on the upswing of health, I'm sure.

Unfortunately yesterday, I did think I was dying.  Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit but I had a problem that I could not treat with a home remedy.  I have small, red bug bites up and down both forearms and wrists.  Just counting one arm, I have at least 20 bites on the 5 inch section of my arm beneath my wrist to my elbow.

They are painfully itchy and I've started a gorgeous rash by scratching the bites to death.  I can handle pain quite well with deep breathing.  Endless itching?  I would rather drown myself than suffer through it.  So, after two days of a copious application of Neosporin and Hydrocortisone cream, I stopped by the Wellness Clinic at Walgreens to ask an expert opinion.

The practitioner while very nice, spent more time asking me about my profession and personal life than the lesions on my arms.  When I interrupted her to say, "Look, they are on my legs too." she responded with, "So when do you think your husband will be able to come to the U-S?"  In the end, she prescribed a topical creme and 60 mg of Prednisone for three days.  She didn't know what the bites were and when I asked she said, "Well, you said you were working in the yard??"

I spent $75 on the appointment and $30 for the prescriptions.  Am I feeling better?  Sort of.  Are the bites going down?  No, they are multiplying.  The practitioner asked me if I'd tried Benadryl and I almost hit myself.  That would have treated the reaction to the bites without wasting extra cash.  Health care is a burden to people who are not financially secure and knowing my situation, I'm likely better off than many.

Dear President Obama, may I respectively ask, when do I get to have a piece of the health care reform pie?  I'm not seeing any benefits and scoff to think your administration only passed something that will start to help people in two more years!  I must pay $2000 before getting any health care.  Creative thinkers like myself who dream of writing books all the day long, have not a chance without some type of insurance for entrepreneurs.   Since the public option was shot out of the sky like a duck, I do not have much hope.

Excuse me while I go scratch...


Chris F. said...

Pick up some organic raw honey, preferably local honey which can be found at farmer's markets or food co-ops. Honey has natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.

Also get some yogurt. It adds enzymes and oils to the skin, working as a natural moisturizer.

First, rinse off completely before applying. You determine how much honey and yogurt you would need to apply.

Hope this helps.

Crystal Young said...

Here's my $5 solution. Use bug spray when you go outside. I know that doesn't help these bumps but it might next time. (Are you sensing my sarcasm?) Did she ever ask if you were feeling differently in Mexico as well or did she just decide that it had to be from the garden?

Crystal Young said...

Googled it. Found this. "I used to work for an ocean cargo line out of Miami and had to travel to several different working/cargo ports on the islands in the Caribbean, as well as in Central & South America. Air conditioning was not as prevalent as in Miami, so I tended to sweat a lot during the working day.

Upon returning to Miami, I often developed a similar rash to yours, until a dermatologist recommended I shower with an anti-fungus/bacterial soap (purchased in a U.S. pharmacy, over the counter) when working under those conditions. Then I started to shower with the "special" soap immediately after work before going to dinner with my local colleagues.

It did the job. Never came down with "Umgambra" again, a name invented by my Miami friends for those awful red bumps and rash that covered my body. Unfortunately, I don´t remember the brand name of the soap.

Read more: http://www.frommers.com/community/forum.cfm/tips-tools-deals/health-safety-travel-insurance/skin-problems-after-cubamexico-trips#ixzz0q2cDlFVi"

Just a thought.

Chris F. said...

Honey and yogurt work well. Oatmeal is another good option.


Casey said...

Well, the health care reform bill was aimed to help people without any insurance and to stop people from getting dropped by their carriers. So, honestly, as long as you have employer-based insurance, you probably won't ever feel much of a difference.

Health care is expensive no matter where you are. You can pay for it through a deductible or through a higher tax rate. But it isn't free anywhere you go.

Always try benadryl first for anything that "itches." But it sounds like your bites are severe enough that you were going to need some sort of steroid regardless. So don't feel bad about going to the doctor. You may need to go back and get a prednisone injection if it doesn't start to improve.