Another family member

Tuesday, 20 July 2010
I was in the garden on Saturday night and quite upset.  Kingsley and I were not seeing eye to eye on my desire to provide a home for a cat from the shelter.  He was certain that cats need to be able to go outdoors and mostly in my culture, cats stay indoors to prevent rabies and the like.  We could not agree.

After our phone conversation, I went outside to pound around in the garden.  I filled at least 10 watering cans from my rain barrel to put onto the garden and the flowers in the flower boxes under my front windows. I do love my rain barrel.  But while I was outside, I noticed my neighbor had laid some beautiful flowers to transplant near my front porch.  It was time to go into action.

Since I didn't have my tools out, on impulse, I grabbed a thin, jagged rock from under my deck and started jarring it into the soil in my back flower bed.  I dug and dug using it as a tool to move dirt.  It was exhilarating.  I washed my hands afterwards in the stream from my rain barrel.  Before I went inside, I also shook my huge, beautiful flower basket on my back deck as the wind would, loosening dead heads.

Being outside in the quiet of the night cleared my head.  The next morning I found out, Kingsley may just give in on another kitty so I'm preparing our nest. :)

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