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Sunday, 4 July 2010

I dreamt that someone called out "One minute!" and I suddenly realized I needed to anchor a news cut-in in 60 seconds but I wasn't at the news station.  There was a horse next to me (??) so I jumped on it and galloped up hill to work.

I wasn't going to make it in time and my heart was pounding because I was certain I'd lose my job.  Someone answered the door (like a house) and said, "Don't worry.  We taped it for you."  Not sure the meaning of the dream but I was relieved.

Have you dreamed anything interesting lately?

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Chris F. said...

I'm sure I don't remember most of the dreams I do have.

I do recall having a dream on Friday night. I was basically like a Swamp Fox character who is launching hit and run raids against British and loyalists positions. I'm unsure which part of the colonies I am in, but it seems to be New Jersey. There are several conversations about a raid on New York or Morristown. The dream ended rather sudden when I was shot through the heart as we are on the verge of victory.