Good 'Ole Rocky Top

Friday, 9 July 2010

College football programs are going down the pooper.  It doesn't matter where you live, be it in Eugene, Oregon or Knoxville, Tennessee, for some reason star players feel they don't have to regulate their behavior or follow rules.

Case in point:  The University of Oregon's quarterback allegedly steals some frat guy's laptop and surprise! gets charged with the crime.  Another Duck player allegedly chokes his "girlfriend" in the parking lot outside his place.  Assault charges.

Last night, according to police, Vol football players were involved in a fight at a bar and bam! at least one of them gets kicked off the team.  2 were arrested and an off-duty cop is still in the hospital after getting hit in the head.

Why do they do it?  Are we teaching our college athletes that they are too cool for school? Seriously. Is it a mix of testosterone, alcohol and egos or is it immaturity and stupidity?  OR are fans just too caught up in the game hype to realize we are all only as smart as what we support?  Shouldn't we demand more from our coaches, players and University leadership?

Makes me sad.  I'd love to see UT graduate a few more engineers and scientists.  Why pay for guys who don't seem to care to eek out a degree and go to prison the next year?  It's embarrassing.

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