Lessons from the garden

Thursday, 15 July 2010
I feel like I've learned so much in just a few short weeks about gardening!  A few of the lessons:

1. Every living thing in the garden needs space.  The more space it has, the more likely it is to get lots of sunshine and not have to fight for water.

2. There are natural ways to keep the pests at bay.  I will plant Marigolds on the corners of the garden next year.    Bugs do not like them.

3. Vines need structure.  Plants such as tomato, squash and cucumber need support and in the case of true vines, they need something to cling to.  I plan to put out little structures next year so they can move up and out.    (I'm believing Kings will be here by then so I'll have an assistant. Ha!)

4. Gardening is very relaxing and yields more than just fruit.  My stress level drops immediately when I step into the quiet, cool garden.  I usually water and dead-head at night when the sun is slowly dropping behind the tall trees in my back yard.  The bugs tend to come out then but I wear OFF and smile to myself when I see a tiny tomato starting.

5. When you are finally at your wit's end and you think your plants will not bear fruit, you will suddenly notice blooms popping up in the dozens!  Patience is key.

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