Some people are amazing

Sunday, 18 July 2010

It's hard to see the damage from the street now that the fire crews are gone.  You can see the front door crumpled on the sidewalk on the left side of the picture.  Today was a great day to be a reporter.  I had a positive story to report.

Firefighter Jeff Nichols was driving to work this morning around 6am when he noticed smoke from the interstate.  He took a downtown Knoxville exit and the smoke got a little heavier.  He followed his instincts and rushed to 11th street where he noticed smoke and small flames pouring from 2 Victorian houses.

Nichols beat on the door of the blue house and figured out no one was home.  He then started knocking on the next house's door.  It wasn't locked so he went in.  There were 5 University of Tennessee students asleep in the house and another guy who had just graduated upstairs in a bedroom.  Nichols started yelling for everyone to get out.  He even had to drag a guy outside who wouldn't wake up.  The smoke alarm was going off but no one heard it.  Everyone got out safely.

We interviewed a Knoxville Fire Department captain on our newscast this morning to tell the story of the rescue.  Some people are amazing. 

I talked with Nichols later in the day and he was very humble.  He said he did what any other firefighter would have done.  If Nichols had decided to keep driving and let his crew members check out the smoke, the students may not be alive now. 


Unknown said...

I live in that house. That man saved my life. There were actually 8 people sleeping there, and he saved all of our lives. He is an incredible man.

Denae said...

Glad you are okay! Thanks for the comment.

Crystal Young said...

Those houses were remodeled during your first round at WATE. I used to drive past them every day on my way to work. If the cause is electrical, find out if the remodelers cut corners because of the neighborhood.