Southern fish fry

Thursday, 22 July 2010
Our good friend Larsen is a wiz with a fishing rod. He recently went out on the lake and came back with loads of Striped Bass.  Sooo he a few friends over for a real, southern fish fry.  I documented the fun for Kingsley who has never deep-fried fish.  Behold:

Gorgeous and read for priming.

Larsen shows how, with bass, the blood vein needs to be removed and the filets are cut around it.

The secret ingredient: special batter!

Michelle and Larsen dip the fish in the batter and it goes into the hot oil.

Mmmm healthy (not) but oh-so-delicious.

Perfectly complimented by "chips."

A little bit of sea salt and some tartar sauce...

Rave reviews from little Henry, Adrian and Larsen's son.

The fish fry was a fabulous success!

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Chris F. said...

A southern fish fry when done correctly is as good a meal as one can get.