Sushi at Tomo

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

My friend Dave (who I've known for almost 10 years) is Violet's Godfather.  He cares for her when I'm out of town and even buys her things like a brush when she's shedding.  (Awww...)

We both like sushi so we decided to try Tomo in Fountain City.  Sunday night is half-price roll night.  Score!

Tomo even serves a South African wine - who knew?

Beautiful presentation, good food.  

We even sat on the floor on cushions in the space reserved for traditional dining. 

Even though the price was certainly right, we've decided Nama is a better choice for sushi in Knoxville.  Tomo had a pretty bad gnat problem (fished them out of my wine glass 3 times) and the service wasn't great. Still, it is so much fun to try new spots and the company was perfect.

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