Monday, 2 August 2010
This picture is from DCIST
My neighbor's tomatoes have exploded (he just brought over another bag of them) and I have about 7 on the vine getting ready to blush.  So, I'm thinking about getting equipment for canning.  I've read several do-it-yourself articles online and it seems you can just use a very large stock pot with a rack on the inside.  Some thrifty canners even make their own rack out of canning rims (they need to be tied together).  Others just put a dish towel folded up underneath the jars. 

The point of the exercise would be to make salsa and maybe even pickles when my cucumbers start coming in.  Have you ever canned before?

I remember my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother canning vegetables in the summer but I'm too young to recall the details.  There are some great online articles if you're interested.  I just love the idea of growing and processing my own food so I'll have a taste of summer all winter long.


Casey said...

I tried canning once.

One word: Disaster.

I wish you better luck.

Jinjajam said...

John is an expert Pickle maker !!! he knows how ....bottling is fantastic..make yourr fruit, sweet or pickled, Dish-wash your bottles and then dry upside down in an oven.fill and seal ,first with grease-proof paper,then seal. Stand upside down ( very important)for a week .. They look sooo impressive . love you