Railroad Ties and Toes

Saturday, 28 August 2010

I dropped a railroad tie on my foot on Wednesday. There were four large ones (thicker than those pictured) lining my driveway and I didn't like the look of it. I did, however, like the idea of using them for a larger, raised garden in my back yard.

It was my day off and I do love a project so using a maddock and shovel, I dug out the corner and used the shovel as a tool to pry them up. I squatted, used my legs to pull one end of the board to my chest and then pushed it to a standing position against my car.

The first two ties went fairly easily. The third one was longer and I didn't anticipate the extra weight. Plus, my shovel was on the ground beside my feet. I slipped, couldn't  hold the weight and dropped it on my foot. OUCH.

I limped inside, not crying, not cussing.  After grabbing ice out of the freezer, I laid down on the floor and did lamaze breathing for about 3 minutes. Violet thought I was there to hang out so she did some rolls near my head and purred. "How can you purr when I'm in pain?" I squeaked out.

After the crushing pain passed, I got up, took two ibuphropen and went back outside. Eventually, my neighbor came home and helped me load the ties onto a wheelbarrow and move them to the back yard where I have a nice area for a garden next spring. Mission accomplished (minus one toe).


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It's much better now but not pretty. ;)