Trying Times

Tuesday, 10 August 2010
My good friend(s) faced a very trying situation yesterday.  We got together to chat. She cried, I cried.  I just feel sad for because I know how excited they were about what they were going through until it went badly.

Why do these things happen?  It seems so unfair.  Life is that way I suppose.  When you're up, you're really up.  When you're down, it is hard to see the light through the tunnel.  We all have ways of coping.  But we each need to be sure to have a way of coping.  If nothing comes to mind when you ask yourself, "How do I cope?" you should find a hobby or an escape for rough times.

I enjoy journaling.  I found a gorgeous Italian leather journal at a thrift store in Putney, London while I was living there.  It has the most beautiful paper, soft leather cover and leather strip which wraps around and tucks in.  The book is so thick that I'm only half way through the journal and I've been writing in it for years.

Most of my entries are about my struggle to be with Kingsley.  The things I've written I'm sure will turn into a book some day.  Perhaps that's what hard times are for - to benefit us later in life?  That sounds so cliche in the midst of raw grief.


Natasha said...

oh sweety..I me I do..Love you

Teri's Blog said...

My Mom made us start writing in a journal when I was 10. She said it was for future generations to read, like the journal I got to read of my first ancestor that came to America. It was a good story to read.