Twitter torture

Monday, 30 August 2010
I love Twitter. I fall into that category of late 20s early 30s group that is obsessed with it. I can't take a bathroom break without tweeting about it. (Not really but you get the idea.) Since I'm always on it, I do lots of "following" and "unfollowing." If someone doesn't tweet for a few months, I'll unfollow them. If someone rants about politics and religion in a way I find offensive or just annoying, I'll unfollow them.  Not anymore.

"Unfollowing" someone on twitter is similar to "defriending" them on Facebook. That means you no longer read their updates and they aren't on your "follow" list.

After a few tweets about Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (my favorites), I decided to "unfollow" a certain woman. There's nothing wrong with her. I do not dislike her. I just didn't want to read her tweets. Well, instead of "unfollowing" her, I "blocked" her on accident. That means, when she tries to repond to one of my tweets, she'll get a BLOCKED message from me. Not good. 

This woman noticed her "blocked" status and emailed me at work. She mentioned me blocking her and I told her to please not take it personally but I mean to "unfollow" her instead. She emailed back to advise against that and threatened to stop watching the TV station I work for.  She explained in her third email that in "kicking someone to the curb" I alienate viewers. I responded with "Point taken. You are absolutely right!"

She followed up with another email about her interaction with many hotels in the Smokies and her influence on some advertising decisions. She ended the exchange with "See? We need each other."

FYI - Twitter is no longer a personal vehicle for me.  I've never had the account bleed over into my professional life in such a startling way. Lesson learned. What about you? Has Twitter bitten you in the tweeter?


Natasha said...

I read your blog almost everyday and love all the fun stuff you write about. I wish wish wish we could have a long talk over a couple of beers and catch up. Miss you so much dear friend. xoxox

Unknown said...

I use twitter but you can only follow so many people before things get chaotic. I don't get offended if people stop following and could care less if I offend people by stop following them. :)

Denae said...

Natasha - you're also on Twitter now! Love it. Miss you so much. Marsha - I wish ppl were more like you! Are we following each other BTW? I'm @denaedarcy.

Brittany said...

Oh, the powers of Twitter! This post was especially poignant for me. I can, at times, be very OCD about where my professional and personal life cross over. I've had a few bad experiences with parents using my "young, not-married, no kids" status against me so I don't want to give them any more ammunition. Since I am also an avid Tweeter I am aware that all it takes is a simple search and any parent (or student) can read a lot of details about my life. I've locked down my account before, but that restricts fun conversations that I have with random people.