El Tigre Golf Resort

Tuesday, 7 September 2010
We dropped the boys off at the El Tigre golf resort and there was literally a baby tiger in the pro shop. My mom and I thought Kingsley was trying to play a joke on us. He said, "There's a baby tiger inside." Whatever. "There really is. Take a look." So we did...

Sure enough. They have a baby tiger sleeping on the bottom shelf. I asked the woman out of disbelief, "Is that real?" She showed me the scratches on her arm and said, "Es verdad." (It's true.)  We couldn't get enough of it. Once the little thing opened its eyes, yawned and rolled around. They apparently keep 2 tigers on the grounds.

Before leaving the boys for the afternoon, I snapped a shot of Kingsley and Dannen.

Mom and I stopped by a florist in Puerto Vallarta and purchased this lovely arrangement of tropical flowers. The bouquet contains Rosa Porcelana and Hielo Verde (Green Ice).

Mom and I then sat out on the patio checking the view and reading our books. I finished Speaking With the Angel, edited by Nick Hornby with short stories from Colin Firth, Zadie Smith, Melissa Bank and others.

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Casey said...

Ok, the bit about them keeping tigers is soooo wrong. Very disturbing.

But, otherwise, the trip looks fantastic! Glad you are having a fun vaca so far.