Family Vacation

Monday, 6 September 2010

We're together in paradise. Today we took a side trip to Mismaloya and checked out where The Night of the Iguana was filmed in 1964 starring Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr. We actually sat in the restaurant on the site where part of the movie was shot. Here's the trailer:

Kingsley and I are very happy to see each other and have been celebrating our reunion. He hasn't seen mom, dad and Dannen since the wedding and we are all having a lovely time together.

The villa my mother rented for all of us is right on the Pacific Ocean and we have a view of Los Arcos, two large boulders in the sea which long ago broke from the main land. We look out over the landmark from our infinity pool which is constructed to appear to simply be melting into the sea. Here's a picture of Dannen enjoying the "amenities."

The boys are planning to play golf tomorrow and I'd like to read more of my book, Scribbling the Cat: Travels  with an African Soldier by Alexandra Fuller.


Casey said...

Looks AMAZING! Can I move there? Please?!?
Hope yall have a fabulous time!

Annie said...

You look so happy! Love that you get to spend some much needed quality time with your hub and family. Give Kingsley my best, and tell him we can't wait to meet him!

Denae said...

Case/Annie - love you both very much. Thanks for the sweet wishes. xo

Anonymous said...

Aaaah fun times! family vacations (once your grown up) are so much fun!
Good looking family! and your parents had great taste in names lol