Observations While Flying

Sunday, 5 September 2010
I flew to Charlotte and then Puerto Vallarta today to meet my family and my husband. Because of the long flight South, I spent quite a long time in the airport. During my time there, I made a few observations. Do let me know if you've had the same.

The food is expensive and not very good. This has happened to me various times. You carefully study the menu and order the one item they can't possibly screw up, "Grilled Veggie Sandwich" to take a bite and realize the bread is frozen and the vegetables, before grilled, were frozen. The lesson? Don't trust what you see. Eat something hearty before arriving or purchase a branded, pre-packaged item. You'll receive exactly what you expect.

Some people are suckers for rules. While I was sitting there waiting for my first flight, the attendant arrived and went to the loo. She left behind her luggage at the gate (which I admit, is strange). The woman next to me turned to the passengers sitting at at the gate and said loudly, "She just broke the number 1 rule! Should we call to report suspicious behavior?" I didn't look up from my book. Others laughed in a hesitant way. Was this woman going to end up as a crazy person? When the attendant came back, the complainer didn't even look up. Chicken.

The customer is not always right on a flight. When we were getting ready to land, I sat up, stowed my tray, put my bag under the seat in front of me and waited. Other people who perhaps had never traveled before, where slow to do the same. The main attendant made a hurried announcement with the directions to get ready for landing. Not many people reacted. She went through the cabin, admonished a few, and then went back to the microphone. She repeated everything in a slow..., drawn out..., embarrassingly simple way. Very passive aggressive chic. People stopped what they were doing and looked around shocked at the act. Her point was clear, the passengers seemed learning disabled or two years old to her and we needed to get our acts together.

Flying used to be so pleasant.

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