Snorkeling at Los Arcos

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Here comes our boat! We decided to hire a guide to take us to Los Arcos (two large rocks visible from our villa) because we heard the area is lovely for snorkeling.

We noticed an abundance of wildlife during the tour. Pelicans, egrets, ibis and various other seabirds call the rocky island off the coast home.  Dad, Dannen, Kingsley and I all swam with the wildlife but since Mom didn't want to get in, our guide threw in a tiny bit of bread so the fish would come to the top. The vibrant colors were amazing.

Kingsley and I snorkeled together in Cancun and loved every minute of it. This was also an amazing tour because even though the Pacific is not as clear, our guide dove down and brought treasures up for us to examine such as coral, star fish and other sea life.

Dad, Kings and Dannen were such brave swimmers that they abandoned their life jackets for a moment and dove down where they said the water was a bit clearer. I just enjoyed floating on the surface and feeling the warmth of the sun.

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